About Tee Party Studio

Hi! This is Bre, mother of 6, wife, hometown girl and the founder of Tee Party Studio. And if you are anything like me (a parent or even an active member of your local community), you would have experienced one of many of the following challenges:

  • You are constantly spending money for your children’s activities. 
  • Finding quality wear is difficult. It’s either cheap & bad or quality but expensive.
  • (this one’s for the ladies) You struggle to find spiritwear that’s designed for women or that fit properly.
  •  You really want to support your community with their Fund-raisers but a lot of the funds generated end up getting wasted. 

If this sounds familiar, then we want you to know that WE GET YOU!

Our Mission

Our mission at Tee Party Studio is to be a trusted space that provides moms all over the country with the community, opportunity and support to grow their hives and enrich their lives.

We do this by providing you with –

  • Trendy, comfy & affordable tees that suit every occasion. (especially my fellow MOMs out there!)
  • The ability to design your own tees, whether for yourself, your loved ones or your community 
  • The ability to create your own HIVE, by printing tees for your community and utilizing them to raise funds, for yourself, your cause, or both! 

Our platform empowers moms with an opportunity to support themselves and their families while being present with their kids and looking cute all the way!


We are proud and honored to have worked with these incredible organizations

Trusted By

We are proud and honored to have worked with these incredible organizations

Why Shop With Us

Here are some of the benefits of working with us at the Tee Party Studio!

High Quality

All our tees are kid-tested & mom-approved! It’s taken us years of trial and error to find just the right material to ensure everyone is happy!



We are proud to say that Tee Party Studio is run by an all-woman crew, most of whom live locally too (thus reducing our footprint and supporting the local community)


Earth Friendly

we aim to use eco-friendly techniques within every aspect of our business, from using greener printing methods to reduced-packaged shipping.


Support Your Community

With our giving back program, we are able to provide moms, dads and community leaders with a finance stream that can act as an additional source of income or a fund-raising opportunity!


Great Customization

We offer the opportunity to take an average shirt and make it uniquely special for you and your loved ones!


Excellent Customer Service

One of the cornerstones of our business, ensuring your satisfaction is at the heart of every member of the Tee Party Studio team!

Our Milestones

With over 15 years in the industry, we are proud to have these achievements
Satisfied Clients
Tees Sold
Charities Supported
Funds Raised