Baby Shower Ideas from a 6th Time Mom.

Hello, beautiful mamas-to-be! As a sixth-time mom and proud owner of a banquet hall, I understand the excitement, joy, and stress that comes with planning a baby shower. Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned pro, I’m here to share some delightful baby shower theme ideas and offer you a helping hand in planning the perfect celebration for your little bundle of joy.

Planning a baby shower involves many tasks, from selecting the venue to finalizing the guest list and ensuring every detail is just right. That’s why I’ve taken the time to create a free printable checklist to guide you through the entire process. This checklist covers everything from initial preparations to the day of the event, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Having a well-organized plan in place will help alleviate stress and allow you to focus on enjoying this special time with your loved ones.

Now, let’s talk about one of the most exciting (but sometimes daunting) decisions you’ll make for your shower: the theme. Choosing the perfect theme sets the tone for the entire event and provides a cohesive framework for your decorations, food, and attire. It’s not just about making the party look pretty—it’s about creating an event that reflects the mama-to-be’s personality and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to classic themes like ‘Baby Blue’ or ‘Pretty in Pink,’ or you’re feeling more adventurous with a ‘I Can Bear-ly Wait’ or ‘Aloha Baby’, the right theme can elevate your shower from ordinary to extraordinary. So, take some time to explore different ideas and find one that resonates with you. Trust me, it’s worth the effort!

I’ve compiled a list of my all-time favorite themes to inspire you as you plan your own special celebration. Whether you’re looking for classic inspiration or something a bit more unique, I hope this list sparks your creativity and helps you envision the perfect event for welcoming your little bundle of joy. So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let’s dive into this wonderful world of baby shower themes!

Aloha Baby

If you’re a mama who loves the sunshine, then the Aloha Baby Shower will be perfect for you! Transport your guests to a tropical paradise with this bright theme. Decorate with lush greenery, hibiscus flowers, and pineapples. (This one was fun because we carved out the pineapples for the centerpieces and painted them gold). When planning your party, think vibrant colors. Don’t forget to encourage guests to wear their favorite Hawaiian shirts or flowy floral dresses for an extra dose of island charm.




For food we chose to gear it more towards the Hawaiian theme. You can serve up refreshing mocktails (or cocktails) and tropical fruit platters. We did shrimp tacos and spicy spring rolls.




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“We Can Bear-ly Wait”

For a timeless baby shower, why not host a Teddy Bear themed party? Transform your venue into a cozy woodland retreat with soft blankets, picnic baskets, and adorable teddy bear plushies. Set up a charming picnic-style buffet with finger sandwiches, fresh fruit skewers, and mini cupcakes with edible teddy bear toppers. Encourage guests to sign a baby book with a message to the baby for the future.


For food ideas, you can do a waffle station with customizable toppings. Fresh berries, whipped cream, chocolate chips and syrup, are some crowd favorites. For a savory option, serve a classic chicken salad, or keep things light with regular salads. You can also sweeten up your spread with a selection of fruit. And what’s a baby shower without a little bubbly? Set up a Mom-osa bar where guests can mix and mingle while enjoying a refreshing mimosa. Provide a variety of fruit juices, such as orange, peach, and cranberry, paired with chilled champagne or sparkling wine.




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Little Cutie

Another idea is all about orange! If you’re looking to add some zest to your upcoming baby shower, then consider the ‘Little Cutie’ theme! This theme is vibrant from bright decorations to citrus-infused treats. You can use orange slices, flowers, ballons, orange scented items, and aesthetic orange patterns to make this theme specific for you!




For food we chose to keep it simple with appetizers. Some things you can do are charcuterie boards, orange flavored Mom-osa bar, fresh fruit, and orange desserts. If you are looking to do more of a hearty meal you could do citrus glazed chicken or butternut squash and orange soup.

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Mama’s Main Squeeze

Step into a world of zest and sunshine with a lemon-themed baby shower that promises to brighten hearts and lift spirits.  From lemon-shaped invitations that hint at the tangy fun to come, to tables adorned with lemon centerpieces and lemonade stations brimming with refreshing drinks, every aspect radiates the essence of this cheerful fruit. Embrace the simplicity and charm of rustic lemon decor, incorporating lemon slices into floral arrangements or adorning tables with lemon-themed tableware. Engage guests with activities like lemon-inspired games or DIY lemon sugar scrub making, fostering a sense of community and celebration. With its sunny disposition and playful vibe, a lemon-themed baby shower is sure to leave a lasting impression, tangy and sweet, just like the little one on the way.

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Boho Baby

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite themes: ‘Boho Baby’. If you are looking for a laid-back and effortlessly chic idea, then this is for you. Think of soft fabrics, dreamcatchers, floor cushions, feathers, and wildflowers! The nice thing about this theme is you have the ability to keep it simple with the decorations or go crazy. Either way, the theme will be perfect for your space.


Now, let’s talk food! Keep it simple with a spread of artisanal cheeses, fresh fruit platters, and bread baskets. We offered a quiche and a salad option as well. Don’t forget to add desserts with homemade cupcakes, macarons, and cookies. For drinks, you can do a DIY lemonade bar with different flavored syrups and garnishes!

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Earth-Tone Gender Neutral

Whether you’re keeping the gender a surprise or just vibing with those soft browns and earthy tones, this theme is for you. You can decorate this theme with anything baby! Think teddy bears, cute baby onesies, and classic baby blocks. The atmosphere is warm, inviting, and casual. The beauty of a gender-neutral shower is that you can truly make it your own, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. After all, celebrating the impending arrival of your little one is all about joy, love, and good vibes, no matter what color they end up wearing.



When it comes to food, well, the sky’s the limit! Go for easy finger foods like mini sandwiches and veggie platters or get creative with a build-your-own taco bar or a dessert spread. Consider adding a Mom-osa bar or any type of drink station. If you are sticking to the soft browns as your color scheme, you could offer a coffee bar!


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Our Little Sweetheart is on the Way

Let’s talk about a theme that’s as romantic as it is adorable: ‘Our Little Sweetheart is on the Way’ for your baby shower bash. Let me tell you, there’s something about soft pinks and reds that just screams elegance to me. Transform your venue with delicate roses, hearts, and baby’s breath. Add in some flickering candles and gold accents for that extra touch of glamour, and you’ve got yourself a theme fit for a queen (or a mommy-to-be!).


Now, let’s talk about treats! You can do finger foods, desserts, and of course, the signature ‘mom-osa’. But remember, this is your day, so feel free to let your creativity shine.


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Baby Blue

Let’s chat about the perfect theme for those soon-to-arrive baby boys: ‘Baby Blue.’ It’s a classic choice that never fails to bring fun and joy to any celebration. With soft blues and warm browns as your palette, you’ll create an atmosphere that’s both inviting and stylish. Picture your venue decorated with teddy bears, playful balloons, and sweet baby bottles, all in shades of baby blue, of course. Embracing the baby blues is a surefire way to make your shower memorable. Let’s celebrate this special time with love, laughter, and plenty of blue!




And when it comes to treats, the sky’s the limit! You can do finger foods, desserts and, of course, a ‘mom-osa’ station for those deserving mamas. When hosting this theme, we went with adorable bear cookies and a spread of blue-themed treats to keep the theme alive, and let me tell you, they were a hit!

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Pretty in Pink / Some-bunny is on the Way

This is the prettiest theme for those little baby girls: ‘Baby Pink’ all the way! We originally hosted this theme as a birthday party, but the crowd loved it! Decorate your venue with delicate flowers, cuddly bunny rabbit stuffed animals, whimsical balloons, and soft feathers, all in shades of baby pink. The pictures below are from two separate times we have hosted this theme just to show you how you can customize this specifically to you.






And when it comes to treats, you’ve got endless options! We opted for a gorgeous pink cake, an array of pink-themed desserts, and refreshing pink lemonade to keep the color palette consistent. You could also do a donut wall and a coffee bar.

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A Little Wildflower is on the Way/Baby in Bloom

Celebrate the miracle of new life with a wildflower-inspired baby shower theme that encapsulates the beauty and wonder of nature. Picture a whimsical garden setting adorned with vibrant blooms, where guests are greeted with the sweet fragrance of blossoms in the air. From dainty floral invitations to delicate table settings accented with freshly-picked wildflowers, every detail reflects the charm of the outdoors. Embrace the serenity of a woodland oasis with soft hues of pastel pinks, blues, and yellows, reminiscent of a meadow in full bloom. Let creativity flourish with activities like flower crown crafting or seed planting. A wildflower baby shower theme promises to sow the seeds of joy and anticipation for the precious arrival to come.



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Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of the baby shower themes, I hope you’ve found inspiration and excitement for your own upcoming celebration. From the classic ‘Baby Blue’ and ‘Pretty in Pink’ to the whimsy ‘Boho Baby,’ there’s a theme to suit every mama-to-be’s style and personality. Remember, the most important thing is to create a loving and welcoming atmosphere where you can cherish this special time with your nearest and dearest. So whether you opt for a grand event or an intimate gathering, infuse your chosen theme with your own personal touches and make it a day to remember. And above all else, enjoy every moment of this magical journey into motherhood. Good luck to you and your growing family!