Spring Fun 2022

Spring is here.. hoorah hoorah!! I don’t know about you but the thought of spring gets me so excited.  I can’t wait to get outside and garden and get more active as a family.  Over the past few years growing our own food has become a favorite past time for the whole family.  There are so many fun ways to get your kids more excited about fruits and veggies when they are cultivating them themselves. If your in colder climates for a few more months like we are here are a few fun kits you can start inside just to get the excitement going.
 Last year was an off year for many of us, to say the least!  I was looking through Easter decorations today…I realized when I was dusting the bin off that it had not been touched since 2019.  Did I really skip holiday excitement in 2020?  Yes its true I was not feeling the excitement last year and I was pregnant so I was choosing less extra work all around.  I debated this year if I should mess with decorations..?? does anyone care, does anyone notice, is it worth the cost??  I decided that I had to do it.  I have 6 kids I can’t deprive them of holiday excitement and fun pastel colors all around.  I must continue the tradition of keeping the house lively and festive like I grew up with.  So I started with my kitchen table.  This is the heart of the home and where we spend most of our days.

I set up the table with a Peter Rabbit theme this year.
I set out platters that are easy to fill with rotating snacks.  I usually try to choose healthy snacks like veggies and fruit as an after school snack but occasionally its ok to get a little crazy and do desserts first!  I found most of the items at Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Target, and my previous Easter bin.  Well if you ask me if it was worth it…YES…my kids  walked in with pure excitement and couldn’t wait to dig in.  They actually sat and talked and laughed for hours without fighting once!
One of the desserts that I made for this table is Bunny Bait.  You can add in whatever your kids like.  I used popcorn, pretzels, and M &Ms.  Then I drizzled a little melted white chocolate over the top of it and stirred it up.  Let it dry on Parchment paper before putting into the cute snack cups.  We can’t wait to get in the kitchen and bake more Easter treats.
I’ve also been trying to figure out little Easter basket gifts.  This year I’m trying to stay away from buying small toys that end up getting lost or thrown away.  I’m trying to do things that are more an activity that we can do together or something that they can wear.  One of the cute baking kits I found is this Easter cookie kit by Too Good Gourmet.  It’s fun and festive, it involves sprinkles which the kids always have fun with, and we can bond while making it.  My kids are a big fan of hot chocolate right now.  So just to add a little more fun to our baking experience we used these Easter egg hot chocolate sticks.  We are definitely going to have to go run around after this baking session!!
A few more basket items are ones the kids can wear.  The first item is wearable and an activity all in one.  Instead of just dying eggs this year we will also be dying our matching shirts!  Since we will be staying home again for Easter we can all have matching shirts with our own twist.  We are also in the market for earrings this year.  We had a little surprise from our kiddos when I was in the hospital delivering our last child.  I went to FaceTime the kids and found out our oldest daughter pierced our 8 year olds ears.  We found these really cute Easter and spring earrings that are handmade in New Orleans.
Even though we find many reasons to complain about 2020 I look at a great year of introspection.  Everything changed in my life when I realized I had all the time in the world to do what I enjoy.  It made me get back to taking the time to decorate, bake, making more crafty fun for the kids, and being creative.  All things I really enjoy but somehow never have time for.  This is a season to celebrate how we are better together!
1. Bunny Poms – Target
2. Candle Holder – Pottery Barn
3. Bunny Holder – Pottery Barn
4. Flowers – Pottery Barn
5. Peter Rabbit Dishes – Pottery Barn
6. Wine Bag – Pottery Barn
7. Chargers – Target
8. Tulip Vase – Home Goods
9. Garland – Home Goods
1. Hot Chocolate Sticks
2. Cookie Baking Kit
3. Lilliput Earrings
4. Tie Dye Kit