Bee-autiful Mothers

Motherhood… a few words come to my mind right now.  Some four letter words come to my mind first…. like love and cute….I’m sure that’s what you were thinking too. 😉  Our country’s current pandemic has turned many of us into “homeschool” moms.  Hats off to you homeschool moms hats off!  In my opinion we should just take the rest of the school year off and “home” school.  We should take the time to learn all the basics like baking, cooking, gardening, etc.   I have so many precious moments of baking and cooking with my grandmother and mom.  We have really been enjoying all of the kitchen time together during this.  We are going to have to make a schedule to make sure we continue making these great memories and food!
Mother’s Day is usually my favorite holiday.  I’m not required to do much that day, I get waited on, I receive homemade goodies, and we make sure the day is very laid back.  We used to plan to go to a big Mother’s Day brunch with my whole family.   I cherish those memories because we have some funny ones…like the time we crashed a country club and they realized half way through we were not members.. oops.  I realized over the years that going to a fancy buffet meant a lot of work on me. I had to deal with the ongoing battle of the boys having to wear “real” pants and making sure hair was styled and everyone was presentable.  This took away from the special time of just being together and enjoying each other as we are.

I hope this year we can all take a moment to enjoy the little things together at home.  Creativity, togetherness, and probably pajamas may be the new Mother’s Day way.  If you feel like you are missing out on the homemade gifts your kids bring home from school, I’ve included a craft and a coloring sheet.  The coloring sheet involves the kiddos drawing a picture of mom.  This has been some of my favorite artwork over the years.  For awhile my one son drew me with knives in my hands all the time??? I’ve also had some really great hair in all of the sketches.  It is a great memory to keep for years to come.  I hope this year I have sunshine and rainbows in my hands instead of knives. Download coloring sheet PDF
One of my favorite simple crafts is to decorate a ball jar, spaghetti sauce jar or anything you can find.  In the photos below we used chalk paint to decorate the jar.  If you don’t have chalk paint, stickers, ribbons, string, etc. will work.

 Then send the kids out into the yard to pick flowers and dandelions and turn it into a pretty vase.
If you need to stay inside then have them collect a few items around the house.  Then they can explain why that item is special and if there is a good memory with mom behind it.