Healthy Snacks: Kid Friendly Energy Balls

I’m always looking for a quick and simple hands on recipe.  Like I said involvement is key here.  Any recipe you can include your children in decision making is a good one.  I’m going to include a chart with some ideas of items to add.  You need at least one from each column.  Get creative, let your kids call the shots, and enjoy!


                                                         Ideas for Energy Balls
 2 1/2 cups             1 cup      1/2 cup              1/2 cup 1 Teaspoon
   Old fashioned oats         Peanut Butter      Honey    Mini Chocolate Chips     Vanilla
          Granola            Nut Butter  Agave Syrup
          Mini M&M’s
  Sunflower Seed Butter             Peanuts
         Dried Fruits
         Flax Seeds
         Chia Seeds
Add all chosen ingredients to a mixing bowl
Separate the batch and add the extra ingredients to each batch!
And for the kiddos..
Set on parchment paper and roll into 1-2 inch balls
Refrigerate for 20 minutes
And enjoy!