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Coronavirus: Bee Happy, Bee Healthy!

Who’s freaking out ???  Did you just get the news that your children are home for the rest of the school year, you need to do a mad dash to the grocery store, and most importantly the world is running out of toilet paper! I think the uncertainty of everything right now is a lot to worry about.  A lot of things are out of our hands right now.  I have been trying to focus on the positive and BEE HAPPY and BEE HEALTHY!
    I’ve had to take a timeout and get creative.  How can I make my food last longer?  How can I keep my kids busy?  How can I rearrange my fridge to fit more food?  How can I pay for all of this?  This has already given me the chance to start reorganizing my life.  I’ve been trying to eliminate unnecessary items, organizing the things I have, and cutting back.  I’ve also become more eco-conscious.  Realizing we have limited paper products we have began to cut back even more.  Over the next few weeks we are going to include our schedule for our 5 kids at home, fun activities, exercises and yoga, gardening tips, recipes and more. I hope we can help you through this uncertain time and bring some happiness to your day.